Getting Started
Try a 15 minute mat class audio sample.
How do I start at the studio?
If you are a new to our studio please start with our intro offer (two private sessions and one small group class) so that we get to know you in a one on one setting. This helps us understand your personal goals and understand any pre existing injuries or weaknesses. Then we can place you in classes that challenge you and fit your needs.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise technique developed over 75 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates. The technique combines strength, stamina, stability and stretching for an invigorating workout. The focus is on the core abdominal muscles initiating every movement, though all the muscles in the body are used.

This technique is practiced both on mats (mat work) and with exercise apparatus (known charmingly by names like "the Reformer"). Straightforward mat work, which brings awareness to the core abdominal muscles, is the foundation of Pilates. The exercise apparatus helps clients become more proficient in the Pilates technique.


Why is Pilates so popular?

Pilates, if well taught and practiced with rigor, is an incredibly effective exercise regimen to strengthen the abdominal core muscles (that's your tummy) creating a stronger you. In addition, as a by product of this strengthening, Pilates exercises "tighten" muscle groups so that regular practitioners appear slimmer and taller. In other words, it's popular because it makes you feel good and look great.


I've done Pilates before do I still need to do the intro offer?

We do still recommend beginning with our intro offer so that we get to know you more personally. There are so many different styles of Pilates we want to make sure that our style meshes with what you have learned.

If you are familiar with the mat work and would like to join mat classes please let us know. If you've been on the apparatus before and would like to join a trio session please let us know as well and we can determine what session will work best for you.


Do I need to make an appointment for classes?

Yes, all of our classes and sessions are limited in their size. So we need to know in advance that you'd like to attend.


What is the cancellation policy for booked appointments?

Out of respect for our teachers all appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the session.


What's with all the funny names and lingo?

Pilates is a technique that has a lot of specialized apparatus. As a novice there is no reason to remember the names of anything, it is simple enough to do the techniques. However, if you would like to satisfy your curiosity here is a short list of the apparatus.
• Tower/Wall Unit
• Reformer
• Chair
• Magic Circle
• Ladder Barrel
• Spine Corrector
• Cadillac
• Ped-o-Pull


Will Pilates make me "perfect"?

You are already perfect. The regular and serious practice of Pilates will make you feel better, change your posture, change your musculature and have profound effect on how your body works and looks.


I have an injury; can I do Pilates?

Depending on how recent and serious the injury we may ask for a doctors clearance. If this is a pre–existing chronic condition, Pilates may be the perfect type of exercise to help you strengthen your core muscles and reduce your chronic pain.

We believe in the rigorous application of the Pilates technique at the appropriate difficulty level for each of our clients. Our goal is for our clients to lead healthier and pain free lives.